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Networking Hardware Companies

Companies which are engaged in manufacturing,distribution, reselling of IT network hardware (new as well as refurbished)like-Switches, Routers, IP Telephony, Firewalls, Servers, Modules etc.

Software and allied services Companies

Companies which are into software like-Software development, Website developments, Mobile Apps developments, other services like SEO, Digital Marketing etc.

Computer Peripherals, electronics and other parts

Compaies which are engaged in computer peripheral like laptops, desktops, printers,scanners,cards,servers and storages, hard drives,memory modules,Tape drive,Tape media etc.

The companies which are dealing in peripherals like printers, scanners, toners etc.

Electronics,Mobile phones and other parts dealing companies.

Individual Professionals:-(Freelancers)

Freelancers can subscribe with us and reach out to worldwide network.

Training Institutes

Training institues which are providing specialised training of various courses (like CCNA, CCNS, Microsoft and others ) can reach to thousands of professionals through our portal.